1. how does it take for my video to start receiving views?

Ans- All videos are started recieving views within 48 hrs.

2. Will my video or account be in risk if I buy views?

Ans- Because our views are from real people, your account is safe and we have never caused a customers’ account to be suspended.

3. Where do views come from?

Ans- For normal views which is per 1000 views $6 come from normal network that we also promote videos from Google Adwords that we will create a campaign in Google adwords for your video.

4. How will I know the views is from Google campaign?

Ans- We will provide you two screenshots and can open account for you in google adwords personally and can operate for you if you ask us and finish your order.

5.Can I get country targeted views?

Ans-Yes, you can targeted views but prices are different as per policy of networks. Consult us before any order.

6. Can I get country targeted google campaign?

Ans- Yes, you can get targeted campaign but views price policy different in countries different as claim by adwords and other networks

7. If I am not satisfied with the service can I get refund?

Ans- Offcourse, You have to mail us before order will finish to get full refund.

8. What is the minimum views split per video?

Ans- 1000 views per video.

9. How many days will it takes to get complete views?

Ans- It will take 3-4 days. Remember this views are coming from networks and adwords so you can get the facility of reshowing or remarketing so, please be patient.

10. Do you want my channel password or access to complete order?

Ans- No, we just need Video URL.

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