How to make money on Youtube with partner networks 2018



How to make money on Youtube with partner networks 2018 are :

1)Freedom- This is the most trusted company for small Youtube creators and the fastest way to earn paying through paypal.(

Requirements-4000 hours watchtime and 1000 subscribers

Disadvantage- 80% revenue will be deducted from you.Customer care is available.

2)Scalelab – This is a partner network for Youtube and pays well to creators through paypal

Requirements-4000 hours watchtime and 1000 subscribers.(

Disadvantage-It is difficult to obtain approval from this network. If you are lucky then also tough to obtain permissive.It has very poor customer service.

3)Maker Studios- One of the popular multi channel network as far as co-ordination with Youtube.

Disadvantage-Only Popular channels receive approval from this multichannel network.

4)Adrev-Once upon a time this network used to give approval to join the network to small youtube creators but
difficulty obtain permssion to this company.(

How to make money on Youtube with partner networks 2018
5)Machinima-This Multichannel network focuses on gaming creators.It is difficult to obtain approval from this network.

6)BBTV-It is a popular Youtube partner network and only popular creators receive importance in this network.

7)Fullscreen- It is a leading media multichannel network but difficult to obtain permission. You can try to register and obtain permissive.

8) Channel Federator network- This multi channel network for artists and animators. There is option calls join when you open this website but the problem comes same tougher to obtain permision.

The solution is that only Freedom multichannel network approves your channel after fulfil the requirements and it is a Philippiness company with customer service.

Freedom helps the small content creators to develop the channel specially for struggling Youtubers.

The problem recently facing by content creators that is 1000 real Youtube subscribers and 4000 hours watchtime.

This problem can be solved making videos on opening a news channel with views from Google adwords.

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Scalelab which was popular for earning amount for struggling youtubers has been stopped approval to new youtubers

If you are new content creator or new youtuber in Youtube, then try Freedom that is suited to maximum new creators.

Actually what happens views do not come easily to freshers with subscribers and watchtime.Then adwords is the only solution to new creators.

How to get subscribers?

You can get subscribers by creating demanding videos to viewers and the people will love it.Otherwise adwords money will go to vain. You can also test your videos through keywords discovery ads that is also plus point in running campaign.

How to make money on youtube with partner networks 2018

It is difficult to obtain subscribers these days because of tough regulations from Youtube and difficult to earn money from Adsense. As revenue is generating less comparatively past days.Advertisers are unwilling to spend money on Youtube.

There is display network where you can create a blog adding Youtube videos and run a campaign, you can see the results.Free blogger is available.

Blog option helps in selling a commodity through above mentioned network even in search network which is keyword based and bidding a bit expensive.

Actually this is fast option to get views and subscribers otherwise they struggle whole life to suceess.

It is necessary to know how to run a campaign there otherwise all your balance will be exhausted.

I can tell you how to operate Adwords campaign as it is very important to know running a part here.

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